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Where Do I Find Krissy Farms?
Krissy Farms can be found in the Produce Department! Sometimes you may find us usually near Cut Fruit &Vegetables, or the cold pressed juices.  Sometimes we may be located near the refrigerated Dips or Dressings.   (Please reach out and send an email to if you are having trouble finding our produce purees.)
What makes Krissy Farms taste so good?!
Krissy Farms' Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Purees are made from produce that is organically grown.  We carefully select produce that is fresh, ripe and flavorful from our grower friends.   We developed our purees for busy people and we are doing all of the steaming, mashing and blending to create perfectly smooth purees.   Our farm fresh purees as an ingredient to enhance nutritional value of  sauces, smoothies, meatloaf and other items.     Please take a peek into our Instagram and Facebook page for inspiration!
Where do you source your produce Krissy Farms?
We produce our Organic Purees in Central Valley, CA where we are able to source the best tasting fruits and vegetables in a beautiful growing region producing great tasting fruits and vegetables from our farmer friends.
Do your purees need to be refrigerated before or after they are opened?
Yes, our purees need to be refrigerated to maintain freshness.  Our products are free from artificial preservatives and rely on naturally low PH (-4.6) from our blended recipes that sometimes may include a squeeze of lemon.
Do we use any preservatives? 
No, we do not use any artificial preservative or additives. You can taste the fresh flavor with all of our steamed, mashed, smashed, blended with fresh fruit and vegetable purees.
Tubs or Pouches?
Krissy Farms is currently available in little small 4oz Tubs.  Spoonable are great and packaging can be reused, recycled or re-imagined.
Can Babies eat Krissy Farms Organic Produce Purees?
Yes, our refrigerated purees are perfect for your little  bundles of joy as early as 4 months that is referred to sometimes as "stage 1".  However, it is totally up to each parent and their pediatrician on when its best for your little one.
How do I store Krissy Farms Produce Purees?
Krissy Farms purees were designed to be eaten chilled and fresh out of the refrigerator or transported in a cooler bag.    If there are any unused portion, you can lid and place back in the refrigerator and consume within 48  hours after opening.  
What are some other ways to enjoy Krissy Farms Produce Purees?
– Kids and adults love colorful smoothie bowls!  You can easily layer produce purees with greek yogurts, nuts, chia seeds and fresh fruits.
- Add a Fresh Fruit Puree to your next glass of Sparkling Water or Prosecco, and garnish with flower, better or herb.
- Mix in a tub of pear puree instead of eggs on your next recipe for muffins, cakes and breads.
– Stay tuned for more fun and healthy ways to enjoy Krissy Farms Produce Purees for ALL AGES
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